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Steps Before Turning On Your Air Conditioner

By April 16, 2018Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning Filter

The transition of shutting off your heating system and turning on your AC is more complicated than just flipping a switch. There are a number of things you should do to bring your unit back to life and to continually get the most out of your system. Not only do you want it to work properly the first time you turn it on, but you want it to keep running efficiently all summer when it is most crucial.

Follow these simple steps to learn what to do!

Step 1: Prep the outdoor condenser unit

The first step to turning on your air conditioner for the first time after not using it after a while is to make sure your outdoor unit is prepped and in optimal condition to be used rigorously over the coming months. During the winter, it is likely that your outdoor unit may have accumulated dead leaves, dirt, and twigs. It is important to clear out any blockages because they can obstruct interior components, affecting its overall performance. Remove any visible debris and clean out the area in and around the unit. If you have covered the condenser during the winter, be sure to remove it before turning on.

Step 2: Change air filter

Changing the air filter is not only necessary before turning on your air conditioner in the summer, but it’s also crucial to keeping your overall HVAC system running efficiently all year around. Try to replace the filter once every 1-3 months, ensuring that there aren’t any gaps through which the air can pass unfiltered.

Step 3: Turn on air conditioner

Now that your condenser unit and air filter are all prepped, it’s time to flip the switch! The first thing you should do is check the circuits and whether or not the disconnect switch is turned on and receiving power. Next, go to your thermostat and switch it to “cool” and set the fan to “auto.” Lower the temperature to your desired level, but keep in mind that it should be at or below the temperature outside in order to function properly.

Step 4: Check on the outdoor unit

Once your AC unit is turned on, go outside and listen. You should hear the fan spinning and the hum of the compressor. You may even feel the air coming out of the top and can check if it is warm. This is the warm air that is being removed from your home by your system. It may take a few minutes, but you should also start feeling the cool air coming out of the vents inside.

Check the outdoor unit and indoor air vents at certain points throughout the day. If you see or hear any issues (for example: the fan is not spinning, there are irregular sounds, or the air coming out of the vents is warm), turn off the system as soon as possible. Leaving the unit on if it is not working correctly can do serious damage that could have been avoided if you called an HVAC professional right away.

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