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Ductwork Installation
Little Rock, AR

Our certified specialists at BR McGinty can put our extensive knowledge to work for you, installing a ductwork system that is both energy-efficient and customized exclusively for your home or business. Schedule an appointment for a FREE estimate.

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HVAC Ductwork Installation

According to the US Department of Energy, a typical older ductwork system can lose between 25% to 40% of heating and cooling energy before it can circulate throughout your home. Not only does that mean that some areas of your house will be uncomfortably hot or cold, it also means that you’re losing money.

By hiring a trained and highly skilled technician at BR McGinty to install or repair your home’s ductwork system, you can enjoy lower energy bills, as well as have a happy, healthy, and comfortable family.

Ductwork Services

  • Ductwork Design
  • Ductwork Fabrication
  • Ductwork Installation
  • Ductwork Insulation
  • Ductwork Maintenance & Repair

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Design & Build Ductwork Systems From Start to Finish

With rising energy costs and an increased focus on energy efficiency in today’s world, homeowners should expect their ductwork to have a high level of performance from the beginning of installation and lasting the full life of the system; so this involves more than just a quick visit or two for install.

At BR McGinty, we know that the installation of ductwork takes a bit of time and lots of strategic planning. We will sit down with you to talk through your wishes, as well as bring our own 50 years of knowledge and experience to the table.

Our technicians will take everything we gather in the consultative process and design a ductwork system that takes every detail into account. Factors we consider are thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, the global orientation of the home, seasonal movement of the sun, the weather conditions in your area of Arkansas, etc.

Finally, after inputting our personal experiences and insight, we can come up with and install a ductwork system specially customized for your house that includes the best placement of vents and consideration of how much air it will take to cool your house.

In-House Ductwork Fabrication

Plus, we also fabricate square duct in-house which saves you some extra money by cutting out the middleman. BR McGinty takes pride in our production facility that houses state-of-the-art equipment. Our team of high precision metal fabricators can work with many different types of metal and have built some amazing things over the years, including countless ductwork systems that enhance the quality of our customers’ homes.

We own every stage of production. We consult, design, fabricate, install, test, and service for years to come. We have full control of the process– no outsourcing and no middle man mark up. For experts at every level, contact the metal fabricators at BR McGinty today!

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So whether you’re building a new house or need a new ductwork system in an existing house, we work well with homeowners and their designers. More than that, BR McGinty does not want to be just your consultant, but your knowledgeable partner in the process.  

Our work is warrantied and we take great pride in our results. BR McGinty’s goal is to delight you with your ductwork system so that you may feel compelled to tell your neighbors, family, and friends about our great customer service! Contact us today so that we can show you — schedule an appointment for a FREE estimate!


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