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Garbage Disposal Installation &
Repair in Little Rock, AR

If you need a new garbage disposal installed or need your current disposal repaired, you can rely on the plumbing experts at BR McGinty. Our licensed plumbers have over 75 years of collective experience and are dedicated to providing central Arkansas residents with the best services possible. Our professional team can repair, replace, or install your garbage disposal in no time!

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Garbage Disposal Installation

Garbage disposals are popular appliances that offer convenience. They can grind up small bits of food waste and prevent it from clumping together, which helps avoid leaks and damage to pipes. Before providing a recommendation for a garbage disposal installation, our plumbing experts consider the following when assessing the situation:

  • Power outlet access – Garbage disposals require access to a power outlet. If one is not easily accessible, an outlet will need to be wired underneath your sink.
  • Proximity to your dishwasher – If your dishwasher is located next to your sink, the garbage disposal will need to be attached with a tube to allow food particles to be transported from the dishwasher to the disposal for easy grinding and safe removal.
  • Model – Garbage disposal motors come in varying power ratings, with most ranging from 1/3 to 1 horsepower. Higher-powered models have larger capacity food-grinding chambers. We can help determine what horsepower will be needed to handle your home or business’ needs.

If you have already purchased a model, our experienced garbage disposal installers can install the equipment in no time!

Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement

If your garbage disposal stops working, it can become a huge plumbing problem quickly. Jammed or clogged disposals not only cause a horrible smell in the kitchen but could cause the kitchen drain, kitchen sink, or pipes to back up. Our plumbers have experience handling all types of garbage disposal repairs. Whether it’s problems with drainage, leaks, or the blades, BR McGinty can help. Our goal is to get your garbage disposal repaired correctly and as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage.

Sometimes replacing the garbage disposal is a better solution than trying to repair it. If your disposal is over 10 years old, it’s generally more cost-effective to simply replace your old unit. Our licensed plumbers can diagnose the problem and help determine the best solution for you and your budget. We can replace your garbage disposal with an upgraded model, if necessary.

Some of the most common garbage disposal problems include:

  • Damage to blades – If a metal kitchen utensil or other non-food item makes its way into your garbage disposal while it’s running, it can damage the blades. Many models do not have replacement blades available, so a full replacement may be necessary.
  • Poor drainage – If your sink is draining slowly or not at all, the unit might not be chopping food properly and waste may have clogged the drain pipe.
  • Leaks – If you notice water underneath the sink, there are a few things that could be wrong, such as your disposal could be cracked, there could be a leak around the sink flange because the rings or plumber’s putty are loose, the dishwasher connection might need the clamp tightened or the hose replaced, the bolts at the drainpipe connection might need to be tightened or the gasket completely replaced.
  • Blades not spinning – If you hear a mechanical buzzing but the blades will not move, your unit may be jammed and excessive food or hard-to-grind items are preventing the blades from moving.
  • Humming – If you hear humming without any grinding action, that means the garbage disposal is receiving electricity but is unable to grind food waste due to the motor being burnt out. You can replace the motor, but in many cases, it will be cheaper to purchase a new disposal.
  • Not starting – If your disposal is not starting at all, this could mean that the unit might need to be reset or the connection needs to be checked.
  • Alignment – If you hear a screeching noise, it is possible that the internal components are out of alignment and a plumber needs to readjust them.

Commercial Garbage Disposal Services

In addition to homes, BR McGinty serves business owners throughout the Little Rock, Arkansas area. From kitchen sinks to commercial sinks, we can handle the job! Schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses deal with large amounts of food waste and simply can’t afford downtime in the kitchen. Our highly skilled plumbers can promptly diagnose and fix the problem. Whether our technicians repair or replace your garbage disposal or install a new unit, our team will ensure that your disposal is properly connected to the power source and your plumbing system so you can quickly get back to business as usual.

Garbage Disposal Brands We Repair & Install

We have experience installing and working on almost every brand name and size of disposal. Some of the garbage disposal brands include Admiral, Frigidaire, GE, Insinkerator, Jenn Air, Kenmore, Magic Chef, Maytag, Sub Zero, Tappan, and Waste King, to name a few!

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

To help your disposal perform better and last longer, below are a few garbage disposal maintenance tips:

  • Use cold water (hot water will liquefy greases and fats and when they are in liquid form, they can easily adhere to the blades and cause a build-up)
  • Use plenty of water while the food is being chopped up; then after you hear the grinding of the motor turn into a soft whir, turn off the device and let the water continue to run for about 10 to 20 seconds to allow the water to carry any remaining particles out of the disposal and flush out the pipes
  • Avoid putting fats, grease, bones, or highly fibrous or starchy foods down your garbage disposal
  • Do not use chemical cleaners in your garbage disposal, as they can cause damage to the disposal’s blades and components
  • Even if you don’t have any food waste, you should still run the disposal every few days with cold water to keep the blades from rusting from lack of use
  • Unplug the unit or cut power to the kitchen at the circuit breaker before cleaning or repairing your disposal
  • Clean your garbage disposal every two weeks by filling it with ice cubes and a cup of rock salt; run it for a minute for the natural abrasives to scrape away anything lining the inside; pour a cup of vinegar and a half-cup of baking soda into the disposal to kill bacteria; then (with the power off) scrub the flaps with an old toothbrush
  • If there is a foreign object inside the unit, use a flashlight and a set of tongs to fish the item out — NEVER put your hand inside a garbage disposal

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Whether it is plumbing or air conditioning and heating services, you can rely on BR McGinty to be there when you need us. Trust our Little Rock plumbers to handle all garbage disposal repairs, replacements, and installations for your home or business.