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Signs Your Furnace Needs Replacing

By September 25, 2015November 22nd, 2017Heating, HVAC
Furnace Maintenance

Your home’s HVAC system is something you can’t afford to ignore, especially as it ages. Your furnace in particular is one part of your system that is relatively low maintenance but, over time, will become something you need to monitor.

There are many clear signs that your furnace needs replacing, and if you recognize any of these signs, it might be time to shop around for a new furnace.

Warning Signs that Indicate Your Furnace Needs Replacing

Are you worried your furnace isn’t performing well? Check for the following problems in your home before you decide to replace your furnace.

Higher gas and electric bills: An obvious sign your furnace needs to be replaced, paying more for your gas and electric can indicate your furnace is overworking itself because it’s at the end of its life.

Furnace age is close to 15-20 years: The average usage of a typical furnace falls within this range, so if you haven’t had a new furnace in the past 15 to 20 years, your old one may be on its way out.

You have had recent furnace breakdowns or repairs: Furnaces that need replacing often require more fixes in the last two years of life than in the timespan of its usage. If you’ve been paying for repairs but your furnace continues to break down, you need to replace it.

Family experiencing health problems: If your family has experienced frequent headaches, a burning sensation in their eyes and noses, nausea, or flu-like symptoms, it may be a sign your furnace needs replacing. As they age, furnaces may develop cracks in the heat exchanger, which put you at risk for carbon monoxide exposure. It’s important to have someone inspect your furnace and replace it is cracks have formed in your furnace. Other signs you may notice if carbon monoxide is being produced include visible rush on the vent pipe outside, water leaking from the base of the chimney, vent or flue pipe, and excess moisture on surfaces like windows and walls.

Uneven temperature distribution: Do parts of your home feel cold while others are warmer? While many attribute this to poor insulation, you may want to have your furnace checked out. It might not be working properly to heat your home.

Furnace burner flame is yellow: Your furnace burner flame should be blue. If it is not, your furnace is not operating efficiently or may not be vented properly.

Home air quality is poor: Is the air in your home dry or stale? This may indicate a furnace problem that needs to be addressed.

Strange noises coming from a furnace: Furnaces shouldn’t make clanging or knocking noises. If your furnace is banging around or noisier than it used to be, it may be time to replace it.


Furnace problems can be a hassle, so it’s important to work with experienced technicians with a track record of success. Schedule an appointment with BR McGinty today to troubleshoot your furnace problems and replace your worn out furnace!

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