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How Often Should I Service My AC?

By November 18, 2019April 12th, 2022Air Conditioning, Tips
BR McGinty Air Conditioning Arkansas

As important as air conditioning is to our comfort and our lives, it’s one of those things that we simply don’t think about until something goes wrong. However, regular maintenance and service go a long way in keeping you cool in the hot summer heat, and in saving money on unexpected repairs.

How Often Should I Service my Air Conditioner?

You should have your AC unit inspected and serviced at least once a year by a trained and qualified technician. The best time to schedule a check-up is in the spring, before you put your air conditioner to work keeping you cool throughout the hot Arkansas summer.

Your trained and qualified BR McGinty technician will check and service your coils, the motor, your AC’s blower, and the drain line. They will also evaluate your system’s operating pressures and temperatures, as well as return and supply lines, levels of refrigerant, and the many connections that keep your AC running.

AC Maintenance You Can Do on Your Own

Outside of counting on our pro technicians to maintain your AC system with annual checkups, you can do a thing or two to keep your air conditioner running well. 

For starters, keep the area surrounding your outdoor unit free from debris. When leaves, dirt, toys, and other clutter block your air conditioner’s fan, it is forced to work extra hard to do its job. Keeping the area clean in a minimum 2-foot radius will ensure that air can flow.

Changing your filters is a step you can take on your own to keep your air conditioner running in tip-top shape. Filters get dusty, and when they do, airflow is blocked. This makes your air conditioner struggle for air and run less efficiently. Change your filters once a month to keep your system healthy.

Inside, keeping both intake and output vents free and clear from being blocked by furniture, bedding, and anything else will keep the air flowing properly and your unit running the way it should. It sounds simple, but you may be surprised by the difference in cost and cooling power your AC has when it’s struggling for air.

Why Service My Air Conditioner?

Whether it’s your car, your health, or your air conditioning service, preventative maintenance is always better than waiting until something goes wrong. Just as you wouldn’t let your car go without changing the oil or rotating the tires, your air conditioner needs attention in order to work the way it was intended.

Having your AC serviced helps in several ways. A properly running air conditioner will run efficiently and effectively, and will avoid breaking down during peak summer months when you need it most. This will mean smaller electricity and repair bills. 

In addition, your BR McGinty technician can identify potential problems before they become serious, saving you the hassle and hardship of breakdowns when you and your family need to rely most on your AC.

Call BR McGinty for AC Service and Maintenance

Keeping your air conditioning running seamlessly and efficiently is our top priority at BR McGinty. Our expert insured technicians have been keeping Little Rock cool since 1965. 

Call us for air conditioning preventative maintenance and service, and find out why we are the trusted name in Little Rock HVAC service and repair.

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