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Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Your Home

By March 30, 2017November 22nd, 2017Plumbing
Plumbing Little Rock

The thing about plumbing emergencies is that they always seem to sneak up on you at the worst times– but then again, when is there ever a good time for plumbing problems. In many situations, problems can be prevented by keeping an eye on the clinks and clangs of your pipe systems and giving regular attention to the plumbing in your house. By doing so, you can prolong the life of your system and prevent future problems. Below are some common tips and tricks to keep up the maintenance of your home plumbing.

Be Aware of the Little Problems and Address Them Early

  • If you hear a drip, drip, drip, you might find it annoying but not worth your immediate attention. However, little do you know that it can lead to other more serious problems like mold and mildew, among other things. This and other situations like that may seem insignificant, but small occurrences can lead to big problems.  Pay attention to leaky faucets, dipping fridges, damp floors and cabinets, and toilets that rock. You’ll thank yourself if you fix these problems before they become costly.

Never Flush Anything that’s Not Supposed to be Flushed.

  • Toilets are only meant for toilet paper and human waste. Anything else can cause blockages and malfunctioning problems. Remind yourself and your family to refrain from flushing items that are denser than toilet paper, like paper towels and sanitary napkins.

Know Where the Main Water Shut-off Valve Is

  • This is incredibly important for homeowners to know. When a plumbing emergency happens, such as an overflowing toilet or a pipe burst, you need to cut off the water before it continues to spill into your home. Locate the shut-off valve when you first move into your home so that you always know where it is.

Prevent Winter Pipe Problems

  • When water freezes in the winter, it expands, which can cause cracks and bursts in your pipes. We suggest that before the winter cold hits, you take steps to prevent this crisis. For example, place insulation around any pipes that might be at risk of being exposed to the extreme cold. Also, if there are any areas of exposure, try to fill in holes or gaps in which cold air could penetrate. For more information and preventative tips, read our blog “How to Protect Your Plumbing This Winter

While doing all of these tips will certainly stop some problems before they occur, nothing is ever certain. Big emergencies can happen in the blink of an eye, no matter how much attention you give your pipes. For these types of problems and more, call one of our technicians to come in and assess the situation. BR McGinty has a 24 hour plumbing service that will take care of problems and help you prevent future ones. Contact us today!