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Signs your Air Conditioner Needs to be Replaced

By April 15, 2014January 29th, 2022Air Conditioning

Summer will be here before we know it, so it’s time to think about the health of your air conditioner now. No one wants to be stuck in the middle of summer with a broken air conditioner. Hot days and humid nights can be avoided now by paying attention to some warning signs of an air conditioner that needs to be replaced.

High utility bills

Our utility bills suffer in extreme temperatures—that’s just how it is. Still, excessive bills can usually be reduced one way or another, whether that means improving your home’s insulation, replacing old windows or doors, or upgrading to a more efficient air conditioner.

If you are spending significantly more on cooling than your neighbors, it’s time to consider a change. We can help determine the age and condition of your current air conditioner and suggest a solution. Air conditioners are always getting more efficient, so there is a good chance that a new unit will be well worth the investment.

Poor air quality

Just like you do with your furnace, make sure your air conditioner’s filter is cleaned or replaced regularly. This simple bit of maintenance will do two things: First, it will prevent dust and other allergens from circulating through your home, and second, it will make sure nothing is blocking airflow within your air conditioning system, maximizing efficiency. If air quality remains poor, there may be a more serious issue at play.

Excessive noise

Does your air conditioner make too much noise? If the racket is getting to be too much to take while you’re in your backyard, it may be time to call BR McGinty for repair or replacement. A very noisy air conditioner could mean the unit is working too hard or that one of the motors or a compressor is in bad shape.

It’s best to get your air conditioning system checked out in the spring before the summer heat and humidity hits! Make an appointment with BR McGinty in central Arkansas today by calling 501-847-6800.