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AC Is On But Not Blowing Cold Air – Troubleshoot

By June 30, 2020January 29th, 2022Air Conditioning
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If you find that your air conditioner is on and appears to be working, but no cold air is coming out, this could indicate a problem with your system’s condenser. The AC repair experts at BR McGinty are here to help you troubleshoot the issue. The following is a brief guide to help you get your AC unit working the way it should.

What Is an HVAC Condenser?

An air conditioner condenser is the part of an AC system that cools and condenses refrigerant vapor, converting it into a liquid. Condensers consist of several components. If the condenser fails and ceases to function, this is normally an indication of worn or broken parts that require replacements.

Although homeowners may be able to take on certain problems on their own, some issues may be more extensive and require professional air conditioning repair services. To have an HVAC expert take a look, contact BR McGinty today!

Reasons Blower Is Running but Condenser Won’t Come On

If your AC unit’s blower continues to work, but the condenser doesn’t switch on, there may be an issue with one or more parts within the condenser. Some of the different parts that comprise a condenser include:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser coil
  • Fan
  • Motor
  • Circuit board
  • Refrigeration Tubes

The following are some of the specific types of issues that could be behind a broken condenser:

Buildup of Dirt

Condensers can become dirty over time as they’re exposed to the elements, including grass and brush that often grow around a unit.


Seals and tubes can sometimes leak due to wear or damage.


Dirt, dust, and other particles from within the unit such as flaking metal can cause a blockage.

Damaged Coils

Condenser coils can break as a result of impact, debris buildup, or corrosion.

Failing Motor

The motor can burn out after gradual deterioration due to heavy use, requiring maintenance.

Other Potential Issues

Additional things that can cause a malfunctioning AC unit include faulty relay switches, bad run capacitors, or shorted control boards.

What Do the Contactor and Capacitor Do?

The contactor and capacitor in your air conditioning units function separately to switch on the different parts. While the contactor operates as a switch that switches on the compressor and condenser fan based on the temperature setting via the thermostat, the capacitor is the battery that helps start your compressor.

If one or both parts cease to function, you may hear a kind of clicking sound as they try but fail to work.

How to Troubleshoot AC Not Blowing Cold Air

Depending on the issue, there are different steps to take to identify the problem and make the necessary repairs.

To check if the capacitor is behind your condenser issue, turn on your AC unit. If you hear clicking coming from the unit along with a buzzing or humming sound, you probably need to replace the capacitor. If only clicking is heard without any accompanying buzzing or humming, you may need to replace the contactor.

If the capacitor and contactor seem to be working, you can also check to see if the thermostat is set to the proper temperature, check for a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse, or look at the main panel.

Little Rock Air Conditioning Repair

If more extensive repairs are needed, it is best to have a professional perform repairs or replace your unit. For reliable AC repair service in Little Rock, contact the air conditioner pros at BR McGinty today!