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Why Does My Heater Blow Cold Air?

By February 11, 2016February 15th, 2018Heating, HP News, HVAC, Tips
BR McGinty Air Conditioning Arkansas

If you are experiencing cold air blowing from your heaters, it’s time to put on your investigative gear. We know that the Winter months bring along dry air and cold temperatures, however, you shouldn’t have to feel like an ice-cube in the comforts of your own home. Several factors can play a role in your heater blowing cold air. While many common issues are a quick fix, other problems require the help of an HVAC professional to resolve.

1. Thermostat

Ensure that you set your thermostat fan to “auto” instead of “on.” If the thermostat is not set to “auto,” your furnace blower will constantly run regardless if it is heating the air or not. Therefore, if you feel cold air blowing from your furnace when it is off, it most likely is a result of the fan blowing room temperature air. Apart from issues with your thermostat fan, make sure that your thermostat temperature reads higher than that of your home temperature in order for your heat to turn on.

2. Air filter

If you have an oil furnace and are experiencing cold air, it would behoove you to change your filter. A dirty air filter blocks airflow. If airflow becomes restricted, your furnace may shut off due to a safety feature in place to prevent overheating. It is important to note that this is not something to ignore. If your furnace starts with blowing hot air, switches to cold, then doesn’t blow at all, this could be an example of overheating taking place. With dirty filters, it causes your heater to stay on longer in order to provide heat to your home, which eventually leads to the overheating of your furnace, hence, it shutting off. Ultimately, filters typically require regular to prevent clogging.

3. Pilot light

Your ignition system could also cause your heater to blow cold air. If the furnace cannot properly light the fuel, your home will not receive heat. Do you have an electric furnace, then this section would not be an issue for your furnace.

-However, if this does apply to you, you can attempt to tackle the issue on your own by safely following instructions from your furnace to light the flame on your own. If you successfully light the flame and it stays lit, congratulations, you’re in good shape.

-If your pilot light is still not lighting, you’ll need to check the flow of gas into the furnace. Should the gas flow properly, another component within your unit may need replaced and require the help of a professional.

4. Ductwork

Remember the skeletons you were hiding in the closet, or rather in the attic? It’s time to dig those up and check your air ducts if your furnace seems to not be functioning properly. Fluctuating temperatures and age can start to wear on your air ducts. With wear and tear, significant sized leaks can develop. If large holes exist in your air ducts, this could be a cause of your heater blowing cold air.

5. Flame sensor

Do you get a burst of warm air after your furnace cycles on, followed by cold air? Your flame sensor may need a cleaning. A dirty flame sensor hinders the gas burner from staying lit and causes inaccurate readings.

Are you still having trouble identifying why your heater is blowing cold air, or you want assistance from a professional to rectify the situation? Save the further exhaustion and frustration of troubleshooting today call the professionals at BR McGinty. We will be able to assist you to make sure that your home is back in shape to help you brave the Winter. Keep in mind that we also offer an Annual Maintenance Agreement to help you transition from season to season, seamlessly! All you have to do is set the dates and we will take care of the rest, and at a discounted price!