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Running Your Air Conditioner In the Fall

By September 29, 2014October 27th, 2022Air Conditioning, HVAC, Tips

Running Air Conditioner During Fall SeasonIt’s the time of the year when we experience warm days and cool nights. It’s perfect for football games, tailgates, trips to the pumpkin patch, and beautiful nights under the stars, but it’s a tricky time of year for your air conditioner.

Should I Open Windows at Night and Use the AC During the Day?

With the temperatures rising during the day, you naturally want to keep your home cool; however, while temperatures drop at night, good ole mother nature takes care of that for you. We know it’s tempting to turn your air conditioning unit off at night and open windows. While this strategy may seem like it makes sense, you might actually be using more energy to cool your home the next day than you thought.

Once you open your house’s windows, the inside air will escape and the outside air will enter. You could be letting in air that is warmer, even if just slightly. You could also be letting in humid air. Even if the outside air temperature is closer or cooler than the indoor temperature, air with moisture locked in it will be more uncomfortable for people indoors. Furnishings and carpets will absorb the moist air and make everything feel sticky.

When you switch your air conditioner off at night, the temperature in your home gradually rises while you’re sleeping. By the time it hits mid-day, your home’s internal temperature without the AC turned on will hit the point where you’re starting to feel the heat. When you turn your air conditioner back on, it will have to work harder, use more energy, and cost more to bring the indoor air temperature back to where you want it had you left your AC on the entire time.

To combat this problem we suggest that you leave your thermostat at a temperature you find bearable during the day and use ceiling fans to circulate the cool air throughout your home. If you don’t have ceiling fans, oscillating fans work great too. By doing this you’ll cut the cost of the amount of energy it takes to run your air conditioner at maximum performance to cool your home.

When Should I Turn Off My Air Conditioner?

You may think that running your air conditioner in cold weather seems counter-intuitive, but it can help keep your home consistently cool with the fluctuating fall temperatures outside. A good way to gauge when to turn your AC off for the season is to keep an eye on upcoming weather. It should be time to shut down your cooling system until next year once temperatures are consistently below 75 degrees.

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